PROBASS ∆ HARDI has released its debut album called "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!".

In this album, in addition to brand new tracks, you can hear the already legendary track "GOOD EVENING WE ARE FROM UKRAINE" performed with an orchestra.

The album includes 14 tracks, almost all of which were written during the full-scale invasion.
🌟 In addition to the band, such famous Ukrainian artists and stars worked on the songs of this album as:
Oleg Skrypka; DakhaBrakha;
Alyona - Alyona; Yulia Yurina (YU);
National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine (NAONI);
VovaZiLvova; Khayat; Anna Bulat.

The album's tracks convey the inner state of every Ukrainian to the fullest 💯%.

🐝 Such tracks from the album as "Nation"; "Cossacks are coming"; "To the battle"; "Kyiv is speaking" were loved by fans and managed to get into the hearts of many Ukrainians around the world. This is confirmed by the genuine emotions of the audience who attended the band's charity concerts in the United States of America 🇺🇸, Canada 🇨🇦 and many European 🇪🇺 countries.

🚜 The band works in their unique musical style, which they call "UKROBASS":- When you hear these tracks, you immediately understand who they are and, most importantly, where the performers are from.

-We are developing this new musical direction, and we want it to be as recognizable as possible. One of the main missions of this musical style is to promote contemporary Ukrainian music and make it recognizable and authenticated all over the world.
- There are many already classic musical styles: House; Techno; and new ones: Trap; Drill; Jersey Club... There must also be "UKROBASS"! says Artem Tkachenko (Probass), the leader of Probass ∆ Hardi.

The album can be found on all streaming music platforms!


Is an innovative musical product of Ukrainian sound producers. Repeatedly the leader of the charts of dance radio stations.

Releases on Warner Music, Universal Music Group, Spinnin' Records, Dharma Worldwide, support from KSHMR, Will Sparks (DjMag Top100) and others.
In October 2021, the already legendary track was released:

which already has more than:  ⁃ 50,000,000
viewed on YouTube,  ⁃ 820,000 clips
in Tik-Tok,  ⁃ 17,000,000
on Spotify,  ⁃ 11,000,000
on Apple music  ⁃ 1,000,000
Shazams  ⁃ For 10 months,

The track is in the Top100 Shazam, YouTube, Tik-Tok.

The band PROBASS ∆ HARDI is a large Ukrainian team of the best musicians who create their own unique musical style. Writes and plays original electronic music, combining: Ethno, EDM, Rock, Midtempo, G-House, Bass House, Trap, Hip - Hop!
All this will be played live, mixed with electric guitars, drum machines and drums.

Top it off with real-time video editing and each track becomes an art object. Deep low bass, ethnic motifs, hip-hop samples, distortion of guitars, rhythmic drum parts and impressive visualization - this is on stage PROBASS ∆ HARDI

audio library

video library


"UkroBass" is a set of measures to preserve, disseminate and digitize Ukrainian cultural heritage through the creation of large sample packs of Ukrainian ethnic instruments, sounds of nature and modern life in Ukraine.

We strive to create parts and patterns in different tempos, designed for different musical styles, to enable creators to create music in different genres.

The project involves the recording of Ukrainian folk instruments, such as flute, trembita, bandura, etc., for their further professional use!
Recording the sounds of wildlife in its original form, as well as the sounds of a modern city that has been forced to fight for its right to exist for years.
We plan to create an extensive sample library that will be available to musicians and composers both in Ukraine and abroad.
This will allow us not only to preserve the unique sounds of Ukrainian instruments, but also to spread them around the world through music.

The ''UKROBASS'' project is an important step in preserving and promoting Ukrainian culture. We believe that through music and creativity we can draw attention to important causes, such as preserving nature and heritage, and strengthening international cooperation.



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100% of the sale

will go to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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